SMS Clinics

For those that follow the Baccus forums you will know that one of the things I do throughout the year is to hold Small Model Soldier (SMS) painting clinics. This is something that I hope to continue into 2013 and hope to attend the same shows as last year along with a couple of extras. I’ll try adding links when I figure it out.

I have started adding plans for each show and after show reflections at the end.

Proposed SMS show attendance

Hammerhead – 10th February (Sun) – confirmed

WMMS – 10th March (Sun) – confirmed

Triples – 18th-19th May (Sat-Sun) – confirmed (~12pm start on the Sunday)

Partizan – 2nd June (Sun) – confirmed

The Joy of Six (JoS) – 21st July (Sun) – confirmed

The Other Partizan – 1st September (Sun)

Derby/Donnington – 5th-6th October (Sat/Sun) – won’t be the usual set up as I join the Boondock Saints for wargaming and wine.


Demo Paintset List

For anybody who is interested these are the colours I have set out for each painting station. It allows a fair selection of colours for painting the common figures I bring along for people to paint and as such forms a reasonable basis of a painting kit if you are setting out. It is by no means exhaustive but I think is a fair starting point. All paints are Valejo.

001 – White

011 – Lemon Yellow

018 – Flat flesh (although recently my preference is slanting to 021 Medium Fleshtone)

029 – Red

051 – Prussian Blue

065 – Andrea Blue

067 – Sky blue

074 – Intermediate Green

110 – Deck Tan

118 – Middlestone

124 – Iraqui sand

131 – Orange Brown (Leather Brown)

137 – Cavalry Brown

140 – Flat Brown

143 – Flat Earth

146 – Hull Red (Charred Brown)

155 – Light Grey

166 – Dark Grey

169 – Black

174 – Brass

175 – Bronze (if doing more ancients)

178 – Natural Steel

Windsow and Newton Nutbrown Ink

Hammerhead 10th February 2013

First show of the year, things were running pretty slickly at the end of last year and I had accumulated a reasonable amount of prepared figures ready for painting. For Hammerhead I was approached to run an all scales painting room with the assistance of two of the organising club members. Always willing to try something new I agreed with the proviso that some of the space will be ‘ring fenced’ for 6mm as that is my drive for being there.

I decided that trying a themed approach would be best and given the nature of the show thought that Sci-Fi would suit. Being all scale I approached Mantic who had spoken to me at a previous event and they kindly provided me with a number of 28mm scale Forgefathers to accompany the left over Marauder sprues from the event last year. On the 6mm front I prepared some of my vast supplies of Epic Space Marines I have accumulated over the years. Several evenings were taken cleaning up and assembling a number of models in preparation of the event which I could have undercoated and ready to paint. The remaining models were to be put out in an ‘assemble yourself’ table.

So they day itself. Cold damp day, got away later than intended (partly due to taking extra paints and everything to cover the 28mm stuff as well) and arrived with just enough time to get set up which also took longer than normal. During the day I spent the lions share of my time until the mid afternoon helping 8-12 year olds learn how to paint 28mm models with the support of one gentleman from the shows hosts. We had one gentleman quietly painting his 40K in the corner, and a couple of teenagers later in the afternoon.

From a 6mm perspective the day was quite disappointing for me given the effort I had put in preparing models and setting up. This was in stark contrast to the previous year when the focus was purely 6mm and we did not have an empty chair for the first 4 hours of the show. Because of the supervision needed of the 28mm area there was little scope to engage the public swaning in and out and perusing the 6mm display models I had layed out. Ultimately only one gentleman went through the 6mm experience.

I was also very disappointment when tidying up to discover about a dozen sprues from the ‘assemble yourself’ table had walked along with a pair of clippers, 2 needle files, 4 pots of paints, and probably some brushes too. Not irreplaceable, not expensive (models were donated by Mantic, clippers were spares I get each time I perform a complete Zadeks as opposed to a toe nail wedge resection) but very annoying.

Ultimately this has convinced me to stick with what I do best which is a limited personal 6mm painting experience which I can be far more involved in and oversee entirely.


One comment on “SMS Clinics

  1. Chris Grice says:

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for giving my missus and me the figure sculpting demonstration at Triples on Saturday. Highlight of the show!

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