Final units painted (Bulwarks need a little more work but playable). A late one with basing, which took longer than expected (and will have finishing touches at a later date).




Right, time to pack and see if my men spend longer on the table than I fear they might!

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3 comments on “D-Day

  1. FreddBloggs says:

    They are great miniatures and make my fingers itch to get out my epic stuff and add these.

    Are you coming to the Alumwell show or triples?

    • cranium27 says:

      I’m at Hammerhead on Sat 5th March and Alumwell/WMMS on the 13th March with my painting participation/demo. I’ll be bringing these along with me, and I’ll have a base of painted scorpion men for you ;-D

  2. FreddBloggs says:

    wooohoo, excellent. I really love these vehicles.

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