A couple of conversions…

A quiet month on the gaming and modelling front due to the annual November appraisal yet again loosing me 2-3 weeks of my ‘spare time’. A big thanks to Dr Shipman for his psychopathic tendencies landing us with that one!

Anyway I was working on a couple of command figure conversions for a decent fellow in Belgium. Managed to get them finished recently. A little remiss I did not take more photos along they way, but then There are others I would like to do.

First up was a straight clean up of a metal Chaplain from the Character set. This is sat next to a character with jumpack.




Simple enough conversion with the base of a Seargeant marine, with a liberated backpack from an assault marine, sporting a ‘stormshield’ liberated from a beastmen.

Slightly more involved was the three bike conversions.




Essentially a chop shop job. Torso of a Chaplain onto waist and legs of a biker. As I have started doing the Chaplains mace handle has been replaced by a 0.53mm pin as they break far too often.


Another half and half chop shop with a commander and biker. Cloak sculpted over the rear of the bike, and right arm to handlebars sculpted.


Slightly more involved. Half and half chop shop as ever. Neither hand really works as a biker so both hands been reworked. The right sculpted to the handlebars. The left recieved a new staff and left arm, the staff topped with a raven (I assumed use with Ravenwing as these are off to lead their Dark Angel brethren).






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