TMG Affray weapon supports

After a couple of distractions last week I have got around to painting some of the Affray support weapon teams. Think they make ready proxies for Thunderfire cannons and Rapier Quad Lasers.

Same painting scheme I used previously.

Again very clean casts although something is not quite right with the casting of the lower two barrels on the quad lasers (not that you would notice from above and at gaming distance!).

image image image image

I am a bit remiss as I clearly need some normal squads to expand this force, but those quad bikers have a certain draw…..

On other news TMG have farmed the selling and distribution out to Vanguard miniatures ( Already ordered some more sampler packs of the Onslaught range to show my support.

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One comment on “TMG Affray weapon supports

  1. Fenton says:

    Lovely stuff. I have heard that Microworld Games are looking for a UK supplier and they do some nice 6mm Scifi along with their fantasy

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