My 2015 ARK project

Earlier this year I undertook what I later called an ARK project. So first up what is an ARK project? To quote Morgan Freeman in Evan Almighty it’s an “Act of Random Kindness”. I guess the scene was set through a number of very sad circumstances which left me considering life and mortality. My own hobby interests had entered a bit of a limbo  and lacked a bit of motivation about what to do next.

At the time I happened to be selling off a couple of previously acquired basic painted Epic 40k forces on e-bay. I was asked if I though the figures would come off their bases so they could be used to play ‘Pocket 40K’. After a few messages to and from and it became evident this was a young lad who clearly had never painted 6mm before.

I felt this was an opportunity for me to give something down the line so to speak. After I had an idea of the scale of the project he had in mind I offered to paint him a playable Marine force for his preferred Dark Angels chapter. There were already a few ideas knocking around my head.

So the force he was after was three Tactical Squads with Rhino’s, a Devastator Squad with Rhino, ten Terminators and a Land Raider, some Bikes, a Land Speeder, dreadnoughts, and Drop pods. Unfortunately no photos of the in the process infantry conversions I did (but I plan to do some more anyway soon). Each Tactical Squad was done with individual converted Sergeants, a flamer conversion, and a heavy weapon conversion (all in MK7 armour). The devastators had their own sergeant conversion and four heavy weapon conversions.

Here they are mounted on painting strips with their basic painting completed (with my Leman Russ Tank Company sat in the background as they had been for over a year, fortunately now finished!).


With Rhino markings done.


..and a couple of shots of the finished infantry.

image image

Next up I did a little pimping of the Bikes and Land Speeder to give them a more Dark Angel look. Putting broken Eldar Exarch and Swooping Hawk wings to good use.


I went OTT with the Terminators in number and conversions. Here they are just starting out….


…. and painted.


Next up for painting were the bikes, dreadnoughts, and drop pods.


… and a few shots of the finished force after varnishing.

image image image

Needless to say the lucky lad was rather overwhelmed when he received them for little more than the postage cost! I understand thus far they have performed well against their Orc opponents.

Now a few friends have struggled to understand the whole concept of what I have named an ARK project, as they have suggested why did I not just paint up some more of my own figures. It’s hard to explain but primarily I would hope that it will inspire the beneficiary to somewhere down the line do something completely selflessly for someone else just starting out in the hobby.

I have to admit that I found it immensely enjoyable and rewarding and helped fanned the flames of my own hobby interests. It was something well defined and not as open ended as my usual grandiose plans to collect several entire Marine Chapters. As such it came with a sense of achievement and completion.

…..and before anyone asks I have no plans to do another ARK project, as I’m getting on with my own armies and grandiose projects!!!

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6 comments on “My 2015 ARK project

  1. redtrombone says:

    Damn, that was a good post.

    It’s nice to hear that the ARK somehow helped you go through that rough patch.

    Extremely enjoyable post. The heavy weapon marines and the conversions are a joy to watch.

    • cranium27 says:

      The day job presents some challenges at times, never expected to be helping a young teenager through his last few weeks of his fight against cancer. You learn a lot about yourself!

      Hope to do some more conversions in the near future, but I’m easily distracted and already have my eye on Dragon Rampant.

  2. Fenton says:

    Well Done. A good worthwhile effort

  3. Dave Geldard says:

    Pay it forward as the late great Robert Heinlein suggested.

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