Resurrection – in more ways than one

Hi folks,

Well overdue to resurrect my blog and at the same time resurrecting my passion for Epic Armageddon courtesy of Troublemaker Games latest wave 4 offerings which are ideal proxies for Marines (and Orcs).

As always I have too many projects on the go which I will hopefully tough on in coming posts. For now I’ll try and focus on the latest ‘new shiny’!

Epic has always been one of my favourite all time games since its inception in 1990. As if I needed to add to my existing collection I just could not resist these latest offerings and in all honesty got a little excited in my level of backing (just don’t tell the wife!).

Anyway my parcel arrived a couple of weeks ago and I have cracked on with painting a few units, which I have already posted on the ‘Tactical Command’ forum. The models are very clean cast and a real pleasure to paint. The vehicles are much more real scale – at first you might think they are for 10mm but they are designed such that you can conceivably get ten guys in power armour in the transport! I really appreciate Ben from TMG for adopting this approach and hope he sticks to his guns with future releases.

I could not resist taking some along to paint at Derby Worlds. The Saturday was fairly quiet from a painting demo perspective so after doing a test vehicle I cracked on an did a MRLS (proxy Whirlwind) detachment, followed by a Affray Elite (Terminator proxy) detachment. I managed to do the first stage of the bases in the evening, so they could be varnished and put on display on the Sunday. I am not sure what basing effect I want at the end so have left them for now ‘au-naturale’. They generated quite a bit of interest on the Sunday and I had one of the busiest painting demos I have ever done! There are a lot of potential 6mm Sci-Fi gamers out there.


Very impessed how easily these painted up (painting guide to follow in next post). Excited about the rest of the range I painted up a detachment of Land Speeders armed with missile launchers the following week.

image image

…and the latest offering a Heavy Weapons (Devastator) detachment with IFV support, along with a command stand. The infantry were a mixture of the wave 4 heavy weapons from the Affray Specialists set and the existing infantry. Ben has made some changes to the production process which has improved the level of detail and quality of these latest castings.

image image image

So here is the force thus far…..


Next up by request on ‘Tactical Command’ is the painting guide for these…..

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2 comments on “Resurrection – in more ways than one

  1. SaigonSaddler says:

    Whoop! New shiny stuff!

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