The Levant

Long time coming, but both Peter and myself have had a traumatic 6 months with young children and illness. The result was today the long-awaited release of the Levant. This is quite simply a massive and unrivalled range of 30 individual sculpts. You have Ian from the Boondock Saints to answer for that as the range kept expanding as we discovered pictures of different weapons being used. The range of moustaches on show is my little artistic licence. Ultimately I have Peter to thank for agreeing to put all 30 sculpts into 7 new infantry codes, and an artillery set. I must say I am very pleased with the quality of the casting on these especially as some of the poses I’m sure tested Peter’s mould making skills. Having finished painting the first casts and dropped them off at the Dark Satanic Mills (seemed like traffic works all the way both on the A38 and M1) earlier in the week they have finally reached release stage 🙂

As for the painting I have painted each base in differing colour schemes showing a scope of colours which would be appropriate to the Levant. Ultimately the ‘defining’ aspect is the red leather cap with its twin tails front and back bounded with a white ring of cloth. As for the main coat colours they were predominantly green, although some scope for browns or even the occasional more vibrant yellows, reds and blues would be fine. A word of warning to be careful with your choice of green…. otherwise they begining to look like Santa’s little helpers!

The guns were of a ‘natural’ wood colour with black ironwork, and I have opted for a nice bronze barrel.


These will have their first outing with Baccus at WMMS on the 9th March, and I will be there with the painting demo to answer and queries.

I just about remembered to take a few photos before I handed them over.









36 horse dollies are in my possession so hopefully will see some more progress on the cavalry.

Hope to find the time to do an update on what else I have been up to over recent months – too many projects, too little time!!

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3 comments on “The Levant

  1. Richard Naylor says:

    They look really really good Mike, and its good to see you posting again.


  2. Steve says:

    Looking really good Mike

  3. regaplanar says:

    Excellent work Mike and good to see you post again.


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