Three months on!!! – Roman Impetus army.

Well where does the time go to?

So whats been going on over the past three months?

Well I have finished the revamped Roman army and a Roman camp to face the Parthians in my last post, we have had Partizan II and Derby/Donnington, I have started a couple of new projects (ACW Longstreet and 17th Century By Fire and Sword), and have lost a month of my life to chicken pox working its way through our three children.

Too much to report on in one post so I shall do it in installments, and hopefully catch myself up at some point!

Roman Impetus Army

Picking up from my last post I spent the ensuing couple of weeks replacing my stand in bases for the Early Imperial Roman army and painting up their encampment. In actual fact I painted 6 legionary bases when four would have done as I still have my eye on expanding these forces to 500 point armies and also facilitating their use using the Hail Caeser rules.

The Legionaries I painted in a batch of four units and a batch of two units. This is an escalation to my more usual painting of a unit at a time. Partly I was happy to do these four units of 33 figures (132 models) in one sweep was my familiarity with the figure and its relative ease compared with others. These were mounted one unit per painting strip and it was only when I got to painting the shield designs that things slowed down.

This is what I envisage a single Roman HC ‘brigade’ may look like :-


I must confess to a little indulgence as however much I may like the Baccus centurion commander In a fighting line he needed to lose the baton and grab himself a gladius and shield. I savaged the shields from the Rapier ‘throwing pilum’ model as it was easiest to remove. Then after careful removal of the baton, a little bit of Pro-Create saw the gladius appear in his hand. Making him look ready for business in the front line.


With the addition of new skirmishers and cavalry the 350 point army is complete based on this list EIRoman_Impetus_350_1



The other thing that is need for Impetus is a camp of some description – what better than a marching camp!

Roman Marching Camp

I did attempt to do this in a day just before the JoS. It was functional but unpainted by the time of the show. I was determined to have it painted to display things for Partizan II. It is a very simple construction composed of a metal base which had already been sprayed with some textured paint. I added a square of balsa wood strip to form the basis of the ramparts which were glued down in place.


The next part was quite testing with several hours spent clipping and then sharpening cocktail sticks. The initial spike was too shallow so these had to be clipped off, then with a Stanley knife the ends were ‘sharpened’ to look like they had been done so with axes. Then these were painstakingly glued in place all around the outer rampart.


Ramps from balsa wood were added to the corners. Then to create the effect of a ditch and also texture things up I applied a liberal helping of ‘Mikey mud’ (sand, PVA, brown paint).


This is as far as things got for the JoS. All that remained was a pretty quick paint job and the fort was finished.



I have some nice tents from Leven Miniatures yet to paint and adorn the inside, but quite like the manning the walls effect with some odd miniatures from my basing experiments.

Off to carry on with my By Fire and Sword (BFaS) Polish skirmish force…..


One comment on “Three months on!!! – Roman Impetus army.

  1. They look really good, and I do like your conversion of the Centurion.



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