Leven Miniatures and The Joy of Six

Well, 24 hours left before I need to pack for the trip to Sheffield for the Joy of Six. What a hectic 24 hrs I have ahead! Sadly the Impetus competition I was hoping to get people along to will not be happening – Plan B has created a little more unexpected preparation. We will now be setting up 4-6 tables for people to come and play on. Having painted up a Parthian army for Ken to use I am in the throes of the final touches to the opposing Early Imperial Roman Army – three units of cavalry to finish tonight!

To bestow this board with a bit of non-figure related eye candy I have been gratefully sponsored by Leven Miniatures (http://www.levenminiatures.co.uk) with a selection of Middle Eastern buildings. They looked pretty nice on their website and certainly not disappointed when they arrived. Only needing minimal cleaning up these were rapidly ready for undercoating, which was done in Army Painter Desert Yellow Spray.


Above you see the work in progress a couple of hours ago (yes whats on the board needs painting before the Joy of Six!). To allow maximum flexibility I decided  to insert magnets into the bottom of the buildings so they could be mounted on different sizes of steel bases depending on the games needs (thanks for the idea Ian). To keep the magnets in close proximity to the steel I used a  textured stone effect spray paint from B&Q on the steel base, which I then drybrushed up.

So first up was a test building which turned out very pleasing. I particularly liked the patches where the plaster had come off exposing underlying brickwork. (Painting guide at the end).


Happy with the scheme I went on to paint all the remaining buildings in about 60 minutes at a fairly leisurely pace.



The wells are as yet unavailable, the ones pictured on the right have been filled with GW water effect. Very pleased how these have turned out and would highly recommend them. Leven Miniatures also do a nice variety of buildings for different eras.

Leven Miniatures – Middle Eastern Building Painting Guide

Undercoat – AP Desert Yellow

Main building walls – Overbrush v110 Deck Tan, Drybrush v001 White

Wooden doors and hatches – Block v133 Cork Brown

Slate Tiles – Block v137 Cavalry Brown, Drybrush v130 Amarantha Red

Windows and openings – Block v148 Burnt Umber

GW Agrax Earthshade wash applied to wood areas and exposed brick areas.

* for the brickwork on the wells I overbrushed v110 Deck Tan, then washed in Agrax Earthshade, then Drybrushed v001 White.

The Joy of Six

33 hours to go before this prestigious event… Still three units of Armenian Allies to paint, a roman marching fort to make, and a dozen or so bases to finish…. and I am out most of tomorrow. Its going to be a long night but well worth it I am sure! Better get cracking.

Lots to report on over the past four weeks but I shall be leaving that until the other side of the weekend!


4 comments on “Leven Miniatures and The Joy of Six

  1. Buildings look great, though I don’t think I’d quite get them done in 60 minutes! I’ve been really impressed by Leven Miniatures (quality and service wise).

    Hope the JoS shows a success.



    • cranium27 says:

      These style of building lend themselves to quick painitng as a couple of drybrushes and then pick out some simple detail. I too have been impressed with Leven Miniatures – thnk I may be be investing in some of the Dark age buildings, and then some WWII stuff if I get around to painting up my GHQ acuisitions.

      Managed to do the Armenian allies – got 30-40 min break to start on the Roman Fort…..

  2. regaplanar says:

    Hi Mike,

    Just thought I would thank you for your painting tips I picked up at JOS yesterday, already invested in Halfords grey primer plus the distilled water and flow aid. Pity the Impetus tournament never materialised I was really looking forward to this, maybe next year?

    All the best


    • cranium27 says:

      Glad to be of help. I have identified the SYW figures I painted up in British colours…. they are in fact Austrians. Spotted this when I was putting away my SYW Austrians I had loaned out for JoS – been a long while since I painted the line units! Doh! Well they served a purpose at least, and I am sure they will get used in one guise or another along the way.
      I was dissapointed about not getting an impetus copmpetition together, especially as the past 3-4 weeks have been almost exclusively been spent in preparation for it with some pretty late nights thrown in for good measure. There is space to do something more at the venue for it so I hope next year we may have a bit more success. Have some ruminating ideas for next year about setting up four tables for play, along with paired armies covering Biblical, Ancient, Dark Age and Late Medieval. If I am cute with the armies they could potentially be used for Impetus, Hail Caeser, and Polemos. Early days yet but ultimately will need assistance in setting out and running things on the day as I will no doubt be tied up with the painting demo.

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