Catching up May into June

Picking up from my last post I will glance on what I’ve been up to and whats been going on the past 6-8 weeks.

Ottoman Levant Sculpts

In the lead up to Triples I endeavoured to finish the Levant Sculpts for the next phase of the Ottoman Project. After cracking the kneeling pose my spirits were running high and ended up doing three kneeling poses.


Unfortunately my discussions with Ian Cluskey led me to start on an additional 8 poses of a more skirmishing close combat infantry type (4 each of sword and small shield and spear and small shield). Needless to say with an additional 8 poses on the workbench these did not get finished by Triples but I did manage to get them done and my own master/proof moulds made in time for Partizan.


After a week of casting in what little time I have available in the evenings I have run up around 20 of each pose. Having spent an evening sorting them into their different types I am now working through cleaning up the best casts and doing any remedial sculpting ready for Peter to go straight to strip production. The twins are not being very helpful in this regard as they are having a developmental spurt the past couple of weeks and are not settling very early in the evening. This leaves me a little too tired and jaded for the level of concentration required (and nodding off holding a scalpel as I did one evening was a bit of a concern!). The aim is to have decided what strips are going to be produced and have the related models ready for posting to Peter on this coming monday.



With the release of the Baccus French resculpts our little group has gone a little frantic on Napoleonics. I had the pleasure of painting a base of them as part of the SMS at Partizan.


I must say they are very nice. Detail is crisper, and things like the shako cords were surprisingly easy to paint. Not entirely happy with my colour pallet I went with, in particular would go lighter with the blue.

I also decided that as everyone else seems to be painting French at the moment that I would fill in a gap with some Prussians which I picked up at Triples. I have had a dabble with a Landwehr and a Line battalion. These are ready for basing, and I will post again when they are complete and discuss them in a little more detail.


Dark Ages

There was a meeting of ideas following Triples as one of the things that I painted over the weekend was another unit of Norman infantry. Recently I had also written a 300 points starting list for a friend with the JoS (Joy of Six) Impetus competition in mind. It dawned on me that this brough me up to a total of three Norman infantry units with only four units being required for the army I had laied out. So with some crossbows, skirmishers and mounted units I could put together the army myself (shelved currently by my friend who is not well at present). The remaining infantry units were churned out double-quick time and last week I started on the cavalry with the intention of painting all 96 in one fell swoop… I’ll post again on this and how I got on…


Gaming Nights

Our Friday night gaming nights have ranged from some more 28mm WoR action using adopted Hail Caeser rules, some FoW action in 10mm, and a first game of Trafalgar – which was quite a bit of fun and has resulted in the spontaneous purchase of a Langton’s Spanish fleet when I spotted them at Partizan.


SMS Clincs at Triples and Partizan

My first time taking the SMS to Triples this year and was quite looking forward to it. I anticipated to be inundated with requests to have a go at painting some of the resculpted French Napoleonics released by Baccus that weekend. I arrived nice and early and, after resolving the ‘yes I do need power for the lighting’ issue, I set to cleaning and preparing 4 battalions worth of French that I had picked up from Peter that morning. They were pretty clean casts and before long I had them stuck to painting strips and undercoated…. and not one got painted on the Saturday! Indeed both days seemed relatively quiet although I managed to do a lot of talking and not so much painting. I did however manage to paint a unit of Norman infantry and finish off a unit of Janissaries (must have an evening or two basing).


I know there has been a lot of talk of whether this should be a one day show in the future and I must say I am inclined to agree. Not sure I will be doing this one next year given its proximity to Partizan and impact going away two consecutive days has at home with the ‘little-uns’.

Partizan was quite a contrast. My plans to get there a bit earlier than usual so I can get set up and have a look around before the show opened went to plan but were then quickly scuppered. Having arrived and set off with the first heavy load to carry in from the car to my usual spot I was confronted by it now being a permanent cafe room. I quickly discovered that there was an enforced change by the venues new owners a matter of days before. Having discovered where I had been relocated I ran into another problem as we were trying to squeeze two traders (Baccus included) and me into a smallish room. As Peter could not get his trolley to the new location I pitched in and help carry everything in by hand…. now metal racks with packs of lead strapped to them going up flights of stairs was quite a way to get the blood pumping first thing in the morning.

Having unloaded what ensued was nothing short of a game of tetris. Due to the resultant limitations in space I ended up with a two station painting demo rather than the three station one and model display I had intended. One bonus was the spare couch was alongside me, which got quite a bit of use during the day by weary attendees and their spouses. Managed to be occupied until late in the day painting GW Epic Space Marines, Normans and a unit of French Napoleonic (pictured earlier).


Looking forward to The Other Partizan in September as the entire area we were in is due be opened right up with all the stud walls being removed. The next show I will be at with the SMS clinic however is ‘The Joy of Six’ show.

Summing up

Well its been a hectic couple of months and the next few weeks are not going to get any easier. Not ony have I to finish cleaning up the Levant, but the plan is to paint up three more armies in addition to the Normans in time for the JoS, I will have to have schedule in a couple of major basing evenings, and then there are plans for one or two key scenic items. Oh, and then there is the day job!

On the show front the major event of the year is going to be the JoS. I admire Peter’s motivation to make this a 6mm flagship show and am very please it has not been ring-fenced as a Baccus show with a number of other 6mm manufacturers on the invite list. A definite must on any 6mm wargamers calendar. Can you tell I am quite excited about it all. The excitement is only tempered by the ‘how many figures have I got to paint by then realisation!’, and then there’s the basing….. did I mention I don’t really like basing…..

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6 comments on “Catching up May into June

  1. steve says:

    Hi Mike

    Did you do the French with a black undercoat?…hard to tell from the picture, or did you just do extra balck lining

  2. cranium27 says:

    I did them from grey undercoat with black wash. Got a double base unit ready to paint and report on in more detail, but this almost certainly will be after the JoS.

    • steve says:

      Interesting…I presumed you had used he grey spray but it just looks like a black undercoat

      • cranium27 says:

        I think it looks a little dark generally as it is still in basing process (Baccus basing this one) and I think will appear lighter when done..

  3. SaigonSaddler says:

    Chuffling brilliant!

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