6mm Rapier Seleucids

Can’t believe it is over a month since I have blogged. Its been all a bit frantic and busy. There is lots to report so I will attempt over the next few days to get the blog up to speed with all that has been going on over the past 5-6 weeks.

First up on the back of WMMS was the completion of a ‘unit’ of Rapier’s Selucid Pikes. I almost finished a strip of 20 models at the SMS clinic I did at WMMS and this led me to look at the sabot basing for pike blocks whilst also kicking out a rarther intimidating unit.

Rapier are relative newcommers to the 6mm market and have largely concentrated on Biblical and Ancients. Although the models are stripcast they are essentailly individuals which require seperating and mounting. Personally I find the bases rather thick and judiciously apply a stanley knife to thin them down to a thickness I am happier with (casualty rates is probably less than 1:30 and as yet I still posses all my digits). Generally speaking the castings are good and although first impressions are of a fairly ‘bland’ model these paint up beautifully. I think they have the right level of detail for painting in 6mm. I personally would have liked to see the cavalry on slightly larger horses. These do take significantly longer to prepare than their Baccus counterparts but I think it is time well spent.

The Seleucid pikes come in standing pose and 45 degree angled pose. The spears are cast on and I do wonder if an open handed pose like that which Baccus offer would be appropriate.

Basing took a little thinking through as I can envisage these being used for Impetus and also Hail Ceaser. In Impetus they can be fielded in large units of two and three bases deep. Hail Ceaser is more flexible so essentially if I can get the effect right for Impetus they will morph across to HC.

For playing Impetus in 6mm the most generic option would be the 60mm wide bases (ie half 28mm size as previously discussed on various forums). Those from a warmaster background may well prefer the 80mm width option. When considering base depth the suggestions are 20mm or 30mm for heavy infantry. So two bases 40 – 60mm and three bases 60-90mm. Personally a unit that is deeper than it is wide looks wrong to me.

The ‘solution’ I trialed with these was doing a front rank base of 30mm x 30mm with subsequent bases using 30mm x 15mm. On the front base placing two ranks of angled pikes with one rank of standing pikes. On the additional bases placing two ranks of standing pikes. I am pretty pleased with the reults.

The ‘Elements’


Sabot options

These can be saboted up in a variety of ways. Firstly the standard 60 x 30 unit can be made from two 30mm x 30mm side by side. The 30mm depth complies with the Ipetus depth suggestions. As they will invariable be fielded as a large unit adding a rank behind makes them 45mm deep, again complying with Impetus depth suggestions for two heavy infantry units (40mm -60mm).



Going all out three deep units we add another rank of 30mm x 15mm elements. This brings the footprint to a 60mm x 60mm which still complies with three Imetus heavy infantry unit depts.  However, this to me looks a little ‘deep’. When considering 300-400 point Impetus armies it is most likely thay will be fielded as ‘two-unit’ deep large units, so I am not going to lose sleep over it.




Now if I was a megalomaniac and wanted epic battles on my 10′ x 5′ table then we would want something more the size of the Trebia bases which are 100 mm wide….. Fear not! Adding another file of bases brings this close enough at 90mm width and the visual impact of the unit is stunning.




Gulp…. you mean you want us to attack that!!!

Models are already in line to expand the formation and show more on how these elements can provide flexibility, and also doing a Baccus comparison unit. Also planned is a look at some more options in Sabot basing.

Painting the Seleucid Pike block

Undercoat – Halfords Grey primer, valejo black wash

Cuirass – v001 White

Flesh – v021 Medium Fleshtone

Spear Staff – v127 Ochre Brown

Tunic – v025 Light Orange

Shield Strap – v136 Red Leather

Shield Back – v143 Flat Brown

Spear Tip – v178 Natural Steel

Helmet and Shield – v174 Brass

Bases – v146 Hull Red

These are the order in which I painted things. I opted for a very styalistic white for the cuirass as I plan to do the elite Agryspades in red cuirass and white tunic to help differentiate them. The shields were painted as the central disc and the rim leaving a dark line at the interface to enhance the effect. If I was going all out then ‘collars’ could be painted on half way down the pikes.

These were competed in readiness for Sheffield Triples for their first showing at the SMS clinic.


9 comments on “6mm Rapier Seleucids

  1. steve says:

    Nice work as always Mike…How orange is the Light Orange?, or with the wash does turn into a reddish colour like it looks on the photos

  2. It’s so nice to see a well written site with such good pics and advice for the 6mm gamer.

    My experience is in WWII 6mm. But I’ve been thinking about Samurai at 6mm. Your basing post on Baccus is what lead me to this site.

    I really like the painting guide and tutorial.

    • cranium27 says:

      Thank you for your kind comments. As you will guess I contribute to the Baccus forum quite a bit but was persuaded to start my own blog as part of the Boondock Saints. Still got lots to get posted from the archives and a fair bit of projects past, ongoing projects, painting, modelling, gaming….

      I was exposed to the GHQ 6mm WWII stuff a few months back and had to get me a pack just for the hell of it – we game our FoW in 10mm and are just a little too commited to switch scales now. Also looking for an excuse to get some 6mm Samurai (too many loose ends at the moment though…).

  3. Hiyas Mike,

    as always you do our figures more than justice.

    How are the Trojans doing?

    • cranium27 says:

      They are on the clean up board so should be painting them sometime in the next week to ten days. Have lots of cavalry currently underway so a break doing some infanty would probably be a welcome break sooner rather than later….

  4. SaigonSaddler says:

    Great stuff!

  5. Mark says:

    Fantastic stuff. I was wondering how the rapier pikes stood up to being handled during play? For my planned pike armies I thought about re-spearing but if the cast pikes can handle being used then I could save myself a hell of a lot of grief.

    • cranium27 says:

      Sorry for delayed reply, I have not used these for gaming but have held up so far taking them along to multiple shows doing painting clinics.
      In an ideal world I would like to see an open handed cast that I could drop a nylon brush bristle into. I’ll be doing some more of these in the near future for a possible project next year 😉

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