Sabot basing – making a footprint base

With our sabot basing we mount our models on steel bases from PWS ( These can be arranged on different sizes of footprint base to represent different formations or allow us to play using units of different widths depending on playing area available. To make a footprint base we take an appropriate sized steel base (again sourced from PWS who will happily cut sizes to order) and apply some self adhesive magnetic sheeting from Magnetic displays (

This is a simple step by step guide which may be stating the obvious to some but I have decided to include it for completeness.

Step 1. Acquire your materials.


Step 2. As you are often doing multiple bases cut a strip of an appropriate width. Here I am doing some 60mm x 60mm bases so am cutting a strip of a sheet of self adhesive magnetic sheet 65mm wide.


Step 3. Peel off self adhesive backing and placing bases onto the adhesive surface. I tend to place a single base at a time and cut it off as it helps maximise the amount you will get from a magnetic sheet.


Step 4. Trip off the excess from around the base, and you are done!


Making these is the easy part – the difficult part is deciding what size to make your sabot elements and consequently what size footprints you will need.


2 comments on “Sabot basing – making a footprint base

  1. redtrombone says:

    Sir Cranium, this blog is awesome. Enjoying every bit and getting MANY ideas. Thanks for the dedication to the 6mm Gods.

    • cranium27 says:

      Glad you are finding it useful.
      The Gods of 6mm control most of my soul although I have been accused of wanting all the toys in all the scales on more than one occasion. Mainly it’s about using the right toys for the type of game you are playing. I still enjoy the occasional foray into 28mm, but only at skirmish level as anything more than 30-40 figures then becomes a real chore and a project destined never to be finished. In 6mm you get that instant gratification of playable units coming off the painting board with reassuring regularity.

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