6mm Rapier Persian Camel Archers

Continuing from the Rapier Persian javelin armed light cavalry I painted and used for photographing the ‘Mikey Mud’ post, I went on to prep up and paint the set of Camel Archers I had. Cleaning the models up I thought to myself – these look like they are semi-naked. This led me on to a picture hunt whence I came across this site (http://iranpoliticsclub.net/photos/U04-Achaemenian3/index.htm) which has a lovely archive of military photos.

I managed to find a photograph which the model could well have been sculpted from :-

Achaemenian Arab Camel Cavalry Unit

These were a joy to paint (even if the models don’t have a quiver). Given the colours involved I spray undercoated in AP Desert Yellow followed by a black wash. The camels recieved a fairly heavy drybrush of Tan Yellow (v122), followed by a light drybrush in Dark Sand (v123). Next up I painted the flesh on the riders by block painting in Cork Brown (v133) and then using a dot and blob technique picked out the major muscle groups in Dark Flesh (v019). This is a technique I have used on 15mm ancients but never in 6mm, it has given a very pleasing result and if anything a little less paint would provided a little more contrast and definition. Next I painted the saddle cloth in Red (v033) with a double bottom edge stripe in Light Yellow (v010). Hair and beards were painted Black (v169), reigns in Cavalry Brown (v137), and finally the bows in Light Brown (v129). A wash in the old W&N Nutbrown Ink and varnish before basing.

The only thing that saddens me about these is that most army lists only allow one or two units!

Rapier Persian Camel Archers - front shot

Rapier Persian Camel Archers - side/rear shot

Rapier Persian Camel Archers and Light Cavalry

Looking at the two units side by side makes me wonder if using 6 or 7 of the Camel archers per base would look more open order, or perhaps having one more light cavalry per base. I guess I shall have to wait to see what the heavier cavalry looks like alongside.

Struggling to decide what unit to paint next for the Persians, especially as I have a number of other dirstractions. Quite possibly will do a light Infantry and a skirmising infantry unit next.


2 comments on “6mm Rapier Persian Camel Archers

  1. Steve says:

    Very nice

  2. SaigonSaddler says:

    Brilliant figs and basing!

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