Angel Barracks Small Model Show article that never got published…

A couple of weeks ago a friend chatted to me about a magazine article which featured my painting clinic he had come across. The same day I got an email from John of the Boondock Saints to say they had been pictured in Decembers issue of Miniature Wargames and I had got a specific mention on page 10 (apparently).

This led me to see what I could turn up on the net (with a little guidance from Martin), and voila I came across this article which did not make it to the pages of Wargames Illustrated… I must say I am quite stunned to have featured so heavily (or not as the case was).

Back in August 2011 I travelled all the way to Bristol to take part in the inaugural Small Model Soldier show put together by Michael from Angel Barracks. I decided given the likey audience I would just take along enough to set myself up one station and do some 6mm speed painting. Obvioulsy I took some 6mm eye candy along as well. Shame it never got published.

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