28mm Dark Elf Crossbows – Impetus Style

Well progress has been made in January! More than two years after assembling an Impetus Fantasticus base worth of Dark Elves they are finally finished. They had managed to get themselves half painted one evening helping Dennis with his 28mm painting, but otherwise had sat on my ‘to do shelf’. This is the first of two goals I had set myself for January (the other being completing a 2K Epic Armageddon Imperial Guard force – possibly playing with them next friday so…..).

These were picked up having painted the chain and brass on the armour. Add a bit of flesh (Val 018), dark blue tunic (GW Naggaroth Night base with a drybrush of GW Caledor Sky base), and purple belts (Val 044), then a tidy up on the black (Val 169), and wash down with GW Agrax Earthshade. As this dulls the armour a bit I did a drybrush over the broncze armour using Brass (Val 174) to lift it again. A couple of coats of AP anti-shine varnish and there done ready for basing.

Happy with the general basing technique (I will get around to posting this on my blog, but if desperate check out either the Baccus or Impetus forums). Would like to do more with the flocking to get a little more height on it – and have a few ideas to try. So taken to a near complete stage.

28mm Dark Elf Crossbows view from right

28mm Dark Elves - view from left


On other fronts the Imperial guard are progressing but may have to wait for some more bases for the tanks and vehicles, mystery project number 1 is probably past the half way stage, sculpting has taken a blow as my pro-create seems to have hardened off a bit (more on its way thankfully).

We also managed to get a game of Flames of War in which saw a couter attacking German Panzer company stalling against American Paras defending a vital intersection. The end was a bit of a stalemate as American forces bagan to arrive to re-enforce and consolidate. It was an evening of seeing who could roll the worst dice! The initial American positions……

FoW - American Paras defend a vital intersection and fuel dump - 11/1/13

Must remember to take more photos so can do a full AAR of some of our future games.

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One comment on “28mm Dark Elf Crossbows – Impetus Style

  1. Steve says:

    Nice paint, still not sure of the GW Dark Elves as sculpts, but the overall base looks great..I am going to be sending off an order to Mirliton soon for some of their old Grenadier models…just have to pick a race , but Humans give me 2 armies for the price of one

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