Aspirations for 2013

Having looked back on last year and already finding we are advancing into this year it is time to consider what I might want to get done over the next twelve months. The pivotal points through the year tend to be the SMS painting demos, and I have recently posted a list of shows I intend to attend. These are a bit of a double edged sword in that they take time to get things ready for, but at the same time give me a real buzz and boost to spur my own painting on throughout the year.

Although I have put up a list of the various bits I am involved in I want to be a little more focused this year on getting some projects finished, some started, and some expanded. It will help me to first consider these in several categories and then to prioritise them (I am sure these priorities will alter throught the year, but we shall see how it goes).


  • 6mm Ottomans
  • 6mm Epic Space Marine Mark VI and VII conversions
  • 6mm Gauls/Picts for Bux Bellorum.
  • 10mm Dwarf bear riders.


  • 3mm tester brigade bases (?)
  • 6mm Persian Army for Rapiers Show display.
  • 6mm Ottomans army for use with BP and Maurice.
  • 6mm SYW Austrains Cavalry and a few more infantry.
  • 6mm SYW British army
  • 6mm French Napoleonic (I know I will not be able to resist when they are released).
  • Epic 40K Imperial Guard army – initial complete 2K force then expand.
  • Epic 40K Orc army – initial 2K force then expand.
  • Epic 40K complete Space Marine Chapter (always wanted to do this).
  • 10mm British North Africa force.
  • 28mm WoR Command teams, MAA, and Europeans.
  • Firestorm Armada
  • Dystopian Wars
  • Mystery project 1
  • Anything else that takes my fancy as a diversion through the year.


  • 10mm Warmaster armies mounted on Impetus style basing.
  • 28mm Fantasy armies again mounted on Impetus style basing.


  • Expand general 6mm and 10mm terrain options.
  • 6mm Black Poweder era scenery.
  • 6mm Sci-Fi terrain.

So all in all not too ambitious a year! Until I have a clearer picture of the year ahead I will leave prioritising until a later this month. First up however I have on the painting board a half complete set of 28mm Dark Elf crossbowmen for an Impetus style base and the Leeman Russ Company for complete 2K painted Epic 40K Imperial Guard which I started back in November. I hope also to find the ‘zone’ to do a little more Ottoman sculpting early in the year….. and then there will be getting ready for Hammerhead, which includes trying to get a few more units painted for the Persian Army I am doing for Rapier. Mystery project 1 is also afoot.

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6 comments on “Aspirations for 2013

  1. steve says:

    Is Bux Bellorum an over 18’s version of the system we havnt heard about yet? LOL

  2. steve says:

    female frolicking in the front line type of thing?

  3. cranium27 says:

    ;-), a series of books from the early 90’s (?) combining nubile females wearing parts of historic uniform and quite frankley not a lot else. An essential resource book for the enthusiast.

  4. Still on for Hammerhead? I know with work and sprogs etc things can get out of hand for you

    • cranium27 says:

      Hammerhead is very much on. As always a few additional things I would like to try and get ready for it. May try and set myself an itinary for the day, but like all plans I am not sure it will survive contact with the public when the doors are opened!

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