28mm WWII ‘Operation Squad’ Russians

As if I had not got enough irons in the fire, Ian thought it would be a good idea to get me a squad of 28mm WWII Russians to play ‘Operation Squad’. My first fear is that for me this is a larger scale than my prefered, in a period I have a passing interest, and its the start of a New Year with one of my goals to be to paint more figures than I buy. I thought I had better get them painted before they meandered up into the loft.

I must say I was a little suprised as I managed to paint all 9 of them in a single evening. Two short spells over the next couple of evenings and they are based up and varnished (just the flock to add – but again I want to trial something out before I complete this step). Painting was eased by Sean who loves WWII and gave me some invaluable input as I painted them.

So here we have my Russians for Operation Squad, and a start to the year of 9 painted and 0 bought! Somehow the ‘lead’ mountain seems unchanged.

28mm Operation Squad - Russians

Next up I may finally get to set out what I would like to get done in 2013!

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6 comments on “28mm WWII ‘Operation Squad’ Russians

  1. steve says:

    Hi Mike

    Did you paint the 28mm stuff the same as the 6 with a grey undercoat with the balck wash, painted then W&N wash over the top?

    I was going to try this on some 28mm myself, but havnt done so as yet

    • cranium27 says:

      Having never painted Russians before it was part based on the guide in FoW Osterfront and part advice from a couple of WWII entusiasts and viewing their models. As they are generally in a browny/green uniform which in all probabilty included a huge variety of shades given their sourcing methods you can’t go much wrong.
      Given that, I opted for a leather brown Army Painter spray as a basecoat, overbrushed (heavy drybrush) in middlestone from Valejo. Colours then pretty much to the painting guide. On 28mm I tend to use the Agrax Earthshade wash (the ‘new’ GW Devlan Mud). Tends to dull the colours a little (kinda blends them at the same time) and provides a more graduated shading. W&N on 28mm you will preserve the original colour better and the shading is a little more stark. Horses for courses at the end of the day. Just bear in mind if intending to go the Agrax Earthshade route to paint things just a shade lighter than you want them.

  2. steve says:

    Really should read everything before I post huh

  3. steve says:

    Did you try the Army Painter inks on the 28mm at all?

    • cranium27 says:

      Had a little go with the army painter washes and found that they behave similarly to the Valejo washes, in that they shade OK but generally dull the figure and give it a dirty look. My preference remains with Agrax Earthshade for 28mm. I do wonder how the AP and Valejo characteristics would change with the addition of some flow enhancer.

      • steve says:

        I haven’t used a flow enhancer before last night I painted an old 28mm GB figure that I have. Just did a basic colour paint job and a wash of W&N but brown , pleased with the result, no highlighting, will do for basic troops, I think I shall buy some more AP wash and see how that works

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