A review of 2012

Its that time of the year that we traditionally contemplate the past years activities and look forward to the year ahead of us. I shall reflect on some broad areas, and in true Pendelton stye I shall consider what went well and then consider what went less well this year.



I am guessing like many wargamers I aspired to get so much done during the course of the year and achieved a great deal. I made progress on several projects, progressed my sculpting, played a good few games, and ran an increasing number of succesful SMS painting clinics. I attended my first ever competition game (15mm Impetus at Sheffield Tripples), which I managed to lose in spectacular style.

I have also started this blog which is a first for me, I would like to get more entries on but ultimatey if I have a spare half hour I have been doing modelling rather than blogging about not doing modelling. I hope the comming year will see me getting more regular entries in and expanding the blog to act as a painting and modelling resource (People keep reassuring me that the twins will get easier!).

As ever I have too many projects on the go (no its true!) and too many other distractions (again very true – mainly work and the twins teething) which ultimately meant that I fell short of what I wanted to get done. One of the main shortfalls was the rebasing of my 10mm warmaster armies onto Imetus style basing. An arduous task given the numbers involved and therefore a tast which is easy to get distracted from (as a result bits have been done in fits and starts). Many batches of Mikey mud did however get made up and layered onto bases – still some 20 odd bases of Orcs & Goblins to do before painting then and adding sceninc effect. Then I shall embark upon the High Elf, Empire, and Chaos armies.



The Ottoman sculpts have come along with the Levant and work is beginning on the Tufeki whilst I prepare myself mentally for my first foray into the cavalry. I can’t help but feel that from October until now things have been all a little too hectic with illnesses, teething, and essentailly being a doctor down at work, whilst also preparing for my appraisal. Major sleep depravation has slowed me in my tracks as I have found I not only need to be awake but I also need to be in ‘the zone’ to sculpt, which has not happend much in the past three months.

Not only do I want to have the Ottomans to completed in 2013 but I have lots of little projects I would like to have a go at.


SMS Clinics

From the springboard of 2011 I was able to take the painting demo out a little more with this year attending Hammerhead, WMMMS, Partizan, The Baccus gaming day, Partizan II, and Derby/Donnington. These were learning experiences for everyone concerned. A goodly number of people have taken up the brush and for some it was thier first ever experience of painting, others were a little more advanced and wanting to have a go at something different or just try out different techniques. I would say that it continues to achieve its goals in showing people how easy and relatively quick painting 6mm can be.
I think for the Summer shows (Partizan in particular) I may shift the focus onto basing 6mm as it always seems a very hot day which is not ideal for painitng. There are a few things I would like to try out for the SMS clinic in 2013 and may also be able to put it on at Tripples and Recon.


From doing the SMS clinics and ongoing experimentation with Ian I can not help but feel that my own painting has improved as a result. What was most noticable was that towards the end of the year I managed to start filling some of the gaps in my 28mm Medieval collection to facilitate its use for Hail Ceaser. These I painted in a fraction of the time I had the last set of 28’s I had painted (a couple of years ago now). I can even recall all that I have painted in 2012 but included a selection of 6’s (Ancients, Dark Ages, Renaissance, SYW era, Napoleonics, Epic 40K), a 10mm FoW German army, 15mm Greek army, 28mm medievals and a few other bits and bobs to boot.



The ultimate goal of all the above – be joined by a group of like minded friends to shove some models around a table, measure, roll dice, and grunt (whilst enjoying a nice glass of red).

A pretty good year as one of my aims was to use my wargames room more. It was never going to be every friday night as one in three fridays I am late on-call at work which compresses the evening too much to get things ready for a game. That said we managed to play most of the remaining fridays. To the excitement of some and consternation of others we have played a reasonable array of games including Impetus (ancients and medieval battles), Hail Ceaser (ancients & Medieval battles), Black Powder (SYW), Maurice (SYW), FoW (late period), Saga, and Epic Armageddon.


All in all a busy year and when one reflects on it quite a lot achieved. One thing that did strike me as I made a list of the ‘rods’ in the fire is that there is an awful lot of them which does have a tendancy to spread my limited time out somewhat. The result of which is that for 2013 I may embark upon a schedule of aims to help me focus on getting a few projects to a playable status and others to a defined expansion. As with all best laid plans though this may be subject to change when as the first ‘Oooooh shiney!’ start happening.

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