Angel Barracks Small Model Show article that never got published…

A couple of weeks ago a friend chatted to me about a magazine article which featured my painting clinic he had come across. The same day I got an email from John of the Boondock Saints to say they had been pictured in Decembers issue of Miniature Wargames and I had got a specific mention on page 10 (apparently).

This led me to see what I could turn up on the net (with a little guidance from Martin), and voila I came across this article which did not make it to the pages of Wargames Illustrated… I must say I am quite stunned to have featured so heavily (or not as the case was).

Back in August 2011 I travelled all the way to Bristol to take part in the inaugural Small Model Soldier show put together by Michael from Angel Barracks. I decided given the likey audience I would just take along enough to set myself up one station and do some 6mm speed painting. Obvioulsy I took some 6mm eye candy along as well. Shame it never got published.


28mm Dark Elf Crossbows – Impetus Style

Well progress has been made in January! More than two years after assembling an Impetus Fantasticus base worth of Dark Elves they are finally finished. They had managed to get themselves half painted one evening helping Dennis with his 28mm painting, but otherwise had sat on my ‘to do shelf’. This is the first of two goals I had set myself for January (the other being completing a 2K Epic Armageddon Imperial Guard force – possibly playing with them next friday so…..).

These were picked up having painted the chain and brass on the armour. Add a bit of flesh (Val 018), dark blue tunic (GW Naggaroth Night base with a drybrush of GW Caledor Sky base), and purple belts (Val 044), then a tidy up on the black (Val 169), and wash down with GW Agrax Earthshade. As this dulls the armour a bit I did a drybrush over the broncze armour using Brass (Val 174) to lift it again. A couple of coats of AP anti-shine varnish and there done ready for basing.

Happy with the general basing technique (I will get around to posting this on my blog, but if desperate check out either the Baccus or Impetus forums). Would like to do more with the flocking to get a little more height on it – and have a few ideas to try. So taken to a near complete stage.

28mm Dark Elf Crossbows view from right

28mm Dark Elves - view from left


On other fronts the Imperial guard are progressing but may have to wait for some more bases for the tanks and vehicles, mystery project number 1 is probably past the half way stage, sculpting has taken a blow as my pro-create seems to have hardened off a bit (more on its way thankfully).

We also managed to get a game of Flames of War in which saw a couter attacking German Panzer company stalling against American Paras defending a vital intersection. The end was a bit of a stalemate as American forces bagan to arrive to re-enforce and consolidate. It was an evening of seeing who could roll the worst dice! The initial American positions……

FoW - American Paras defend a vital intersection and fuel dump - 11/1/13

Must remember to take more photos so can do a full AAR of some of our future games.

Aspirations for 2013

Having looked back on last year and already finding we are advancing into this year it is time to consider what I might want to get done over the next twelve months. The pivotal points through the year tend to be the SMS painting demos, and I have recently posted a list of shows I intend to attend. These are a bit of a double edged sword in that they take time to get things ready for, but at the same time give me a real buzz and boost to spur my own painting on throughout the year.

Although I have put up a list of the various bits I am involved in I want to be a little more focused this year on getting some projects finished, some started, and some expanded. It will help me to first consider these in several categories and then to prioritise them (I am sure these priorities will alter throught the year, but we shall see how it goes).


  • 6mm Ottomans
  • 6mm Epic Space Marine Mark VI and VII conversions
  • 6mm Gauls/Picts for Bux Bellorum.
  • 10mm Dwarf bear riders.


  • 3mm tester brigade bases (?)
  • 6mm Persian Army for Rapiers Show display.
  • 6mm Ottomans army for use with BP and Maurice.
  • 6mm SYW Austrains Cavalry and a few more infantry.
  • 6mm SYW British army
  • 6mm French Napoleonic (I know I will not be able to resist when they are released).
  • Epic 40K Imperial Guard army – initial complete 2K force then expand.
  • Epic 40K Orc army – initial 2K force then expand.
  • Epic 40K complete Space Marine Chapter (always wanted to do this).
  • 10mm British North Africa force.
  • 28mm WoR Command teams, MAA, and Europeans.
  • Firestorm Armada
  • Dystopian Wars
  • Mystery project 1
  • Anything else that takes my fancy as a diversion through the year.


  • 10mm Warmaster armies mounted on Impetus style basing.
  • 28mm Fantasy armies again mounted on Impetus style basing.


  • Expand general 6mm and 10mm terrain options.
  • 6mm Black Poweder era scenery.
  • 6mm Sci-Fi terrain.

So all in all not too ambitious a year! Until I have a clearer picture of the year ahead I will leave prioritising until a later this month. First up however I have on the painting board a half complete set of 28mm Dark Elf crossbowmen for an Impetus style base and the Leeman Russ Company for complete 2K painted Epic 40K Imperial Guard which I started back in November. I hope also to find the ‘zone’ to do a little more Ottoman sculpting early in the year….. and then there will be getting ready for Hammerhead, which includes trying to get a few more units painted for the Persian Army I am doing for Rapier. Mystery project 1 is also afoot.

28mm WWII ‘Operation Squad’ Russians

As if I had not got enough irons in the fire, Ian thought it would be a good idea to get me a squad of 28mm WWII Russians to play ‘Operation Squad’. My first fear is that for me this is a larger scale than my prefered, in a period I have a passing interest, and its the start of a New Year with one of my goals to be to paint more figures than I buy. I thought I had better get them painted before they meandered up into the loft.

I must say I was a little suprised as I managed to paint all 9 of them in a single evening. Two short spells over the next couple of evenings and they are based up and varnished (just the flock to add – but again I want to trial something out before I complete this step). Painting was eased by Sean who loves WWII and gave me some invaluable input as I painted them.

So here we have my Russians for Operation Squad, and a start to the year of 9 painted and 0 bought! Somehow the ‘lead’ mountain seems unchanged.

28mm Operation Squad - Russians

Next up I may finally get to set out what I would like to get done in 2013!

28mm WoR – Hail Ceaser and preliminary European expansion

One of my main collections is 28mm WoR as a spin off from my former days re-enacting the period. I know what many of you are thinking about the scale, well its a case of been doing these for a long while and have an extensive collection which would take some time to build up in another scale. If I was to approach this afresh then I would be torn between doing it in 6mm (Baccus – potential for further sculpting variation) or 15mm (those Peter Pig miniatures and full of character and Donnington’s New era stuff come to mind). In fact as I have been toying with the idea of redoing this period and having an attack of the ‘oooh shineys’ I have quite a number of figures for these scales in the lead pile.

Anyway I digress. I did a mass rebasing of some 700-800 figures a few years ago for Impetus. I had in mind that I would base my 28mm stuff on these 120mm x 60mm bases to create an action/scenic look to the collections. Some would form the basis of armies whilst others would just be a group of figures I liked the look of. For Impetus we had already based and used them with commands always being integral to one of the bases. Having played in the 15mm Impetus tournamnet (and latterly also considering using the collection for playing a modified Hail Ceaser rules) what became apparent was we needed some seperate command teams. I also recognised we could do with having some half size bases for the MAA to represent small units. It was also suggested that we might like to expand this solid collection to take our battles onto the continent!

With a surge of me wanting to reduce the lead pile along with one of our number having wanting some help and inspiration painting 28’s led me to having an excursion into 28mm models again. This was not without a little anxiety as it had been a few years since the last 28mm units I painted, and these took me 2-3 hours per figure and so tended to be painted over 2-3 months per unit! This is no way to either collect or expand an army. The 6mm mindset that I have develoed however helped a great deal and I was suprised at how these initial units and command teams started to roll off the painting board. I’ve not finished the bases (flock etc) as there is a few things I would like to try out before putting the final finish on.

So revieweing the lead pile I had some 200+ Front Rank figures along with ~ 100 Grenadier ones. With the more European look to the Grenadier models I have earmarked these for the initial Swiss and Burgundian units. As I had unintentionally bases the handgunners up wrong  there was an opportunity to start with these units, which also felt like gradually breaking me into painting in this scale again. So the first units off the board were the Burgundian Handgunners followed by some Swiss Federation Handgunners.

Front Rank Handgunners

Grenadier Handgunners

To these was then added a couple of command teams using the Grenadier models for the Swiss again and Front Rank for the Burgundians

Grenadier Swiss Commands & Front Rank Burgundian Command

I was suprised how easily I was finding painiting the 28mm and even the command teams were being painted in under an hour per figure! Having got my eye in so to speak I started tackling the ‘proper’ WoR commands. First I had to chose which commands I should paint, this was slightly determined by what flags Sean had made up. In the first wave I have done Warwick, Somerset (although I have unintentionally painted the livery on the figure as the king – need to add blue/white check border), and Percy. For those of you thinking that they look a little large – these are true scale as to what size flag the individuals rank entiteled them to bear! We both agree however that on reflection about 75% of this size would look more ‘appropriate’.

Front Rank - Warwick, Percy, & Somerset

I was in my zone for painting the livery coats, although quite relieved at there being a specific Warwick figure from front rank which was not wearing a surcoat!

Front Rank - Percy

At this stage we had a coulple of games and were enjoying playing Hail Ceaser over Impetus, the only problem was the MAA units were supposed to be small units. Given the standard unit is 120mm x 60mm I thought these could be done as 60mm x 60mm units which gives the option to double up to make a standard unit. The plan was to design these bases around some of the more prominent knights and supporters – which means we can get some more flags on the board.

There was enough Grenadier models to put a couple of multi-function / European MAA bases together. The first of these broke all records for how quickly I had painted 28mm to date. Admittedly they are wearing head to foot plate, so the focus was on this then picking out what little additional detail there was in straps etc. In all it took about 90 minutes to paint the 5 models!

Grenadier - Men-At-Arms

The second base took a little longer as a bit more variety and surcoats.

Grenadier - Swiss Men-At-Arms

The next up was Thomas Gower, using some Front Rank figures.

Front Rank - Men-at-Arms - Thomas Gower

There are still hordes more metal figures to do before I embark on the masses of Perry plastics I bought. The plastics will however be ideal when it comes to the pike blocks that I hope to tackle.

One thing I am finding is that with playing more games I am better motivated and focused to get things finished. So I leave you with a picture of one of our games in action just before the real dirty buisness of the melee is embarked upon and I forget to take any more photos!

WoR - Hail Ceaser - 9/11/12

A review of 2012

Its that time of the year that we traditionally contemplate the past years activities and look forward to the year ahead of us. I shall reflect on some broad areas, and in true Pendelton stye I shall consider what went well and then consider what went less well this year.



I am guessing like many wargamers I aspired to get so much done during the course of the year and achieved a great deal. I made progress on several projects, progressed my sculpting, played a good few games, and ran an increasing number of succesful SMS painting clinics. I attended my first ever competition game (15mm Impetus at Sheffield Tripples), which I managed to lose in spectacular style.

I have also started this blog which is a first for me, I would like to get more entries on but ultimatey if I have a spare half hour I have been doing modelling rather than blogging about not doing modelling. I hope the comming year will see me getting more regular entries in and expanding the blog to act as a painting and modelling resource (People keep reassuring me that the twins will get easier!).

As ever I have too many projects on the go (no its true!) and too many other distractions (again very true – mainly work and the twins teething) which ultimately meant that I fell short of what I wanted to get done. One of the main shortfalls was the rebasing of my 10mm warmaster armies onto Imetus style basing. An arduous task given the numbers involved and therefore a tast which is easy to get distracted from (as a result bits have been done in fits and starts). Many batches of Mikey mud did however get made up and layered onto bases – still some 20 odd bases of Orcs & Goblins to do before painting then and adding sceninc effect. Then I shall embark upon the High Elf, Empire, and Chaos armies.



The Ottoman sculpts have come along with the Levant and work is beginning on the Tufeki whilst I prepare myself mentally for my first foray into the cavalry. I can’t help but feel that from October until now things have been all a little too hectic with illnesses, teething, and essentailly being a doctor down at work, whilst also preparing for my appraisal. Major sleep depravation has slowed me in my tracks as I have found I not only need to be awake but I also need to be in ‘the zone’ to sculpt, which has not happend much in the past three months.

Not only do I want to have the Ottomans to completed in 2013 but I have lots of little projects I would like to have a go at.


SMS Clinics

From the springboard of 2011 I was able to take the painting demo out a little more with this year attending Hammerhead, WMMMS, Partizan, The Baccus gaming day, Partizan II, and Derby/Donnington. These were learning experiences for everyone concerned. A goodly number of people have taken up the brush and for some it was thier first ever experience of painting, others were a little more advanced and wanting to have a go at something different or just try out different techniques. I would say that it continues to achieve its goals in showing people how easy and relatively quick painting 6mm can be.
I think for the Summer shows (Partizan in particular) I may shift the focus onto basing 6mm as it always seems a very hot day which is not ideal for painitng. There are a few things I would like to try out for the SMS clinic in 2013 and may also be able to put it on at Tripples and Recon.


From doing the SMS clinics and ongoing experimentation with Ian I can not help but feel that my own painting has improved as a result. What was most noticable was that towards the end of the year I managed to start filling some of the gaps in my 28mm Medieval collection to facilitate its use for Hail Ceaser. These I painted in a fraction of the time I had the last set of 28’s I had painted (a couple of years ago now). I can even recall all that I have painted in 2012 but included a selection of 6’s (Ancients, Dark Ages, Renaissance, SYW era, Napoleonics, Epic 40K), a 10mm FoW German army, 15mm Greek army, 28mm medievals and a few other bits and bobs to boot.



The ultimate goal of all the above – be joined by a group of like minded friends to shove some models around a table, measure, roll dice, and grunt (whilst enjoying a nice glass of red).

A pretty good year as one of my aims was to use my wargames room more. It was never going to be every friday night as one in three fridays I am late on-call at work which compresses the evening too much to get things ready for a game. That said we managed to play most of the remaining fridays. To the excitement of some and consternation of others we have played a reasonable array of games including Impetus (ancients and medieval battles), Hail Ceaser (ancients & Medieval battles), Black Powder (SYW), Maurice (SYW), FoW (late period), Saga, and Epic Armageddon.


All in all a busy year and when one reflects on it quite a lot achieved. One thing that did strike me as I made a list of the ‘rods’ in the fire is that there is an awful lot of them which does have a tendancy to spread my limited time out somewhat. The result of which is that for 2013 I may embark upon a schedule of aims to help me focus on getting a few projects to a playable status and others to a defined expansion. As with all best laid plans though this may be subject to change when as the first ‘Oooooh shiney!’ start happening.