Ottomans – The Janissaries

Having finished adding the flag to the Levant base I did for Derby/Donnington I thought I would review things to date a little.

Its been three years since following another year querying as to when Baccus would be doing the Ottomans I suggested over a cup of coffee with the Boondock Saints that I might have a go at sculpting. Now bear in mind my only training is collecting and painting models over the preceeding 28 years (although I had done some Epic 40K conversions), essentially this was going to be uncharted territory for me. Having no idea how to approach starting from scratch the first sculpts were conversions based on the Baccus ACW Zouaves. I was a little suprised at my first efforts, which encouraged me and I followed these up with a series of 6 sculpts. I attempted to do two of these as kneeling poses which were cut and shut jobs with some kneeling Colonial British artillery crew. Looking back on them (as I am currently trying to do a kneeling pose to finish off the Levant), I realise that despite kneeling they were almost as tall as the standing pose! I am told that getting a kneeling pose right is one of the more challenging sculpts (as I am finding out).

Anyway from these basic six poses I did my first base of Janissaries, replacing one swordsman with a standard, and giving one a more fancy set of headress feathers. These have been based 120mm x 40mm bases as this is what we decided upon would work for future demonstration games. Essentially this is a double bases (taking 60 x 30 as the de-fascto 6mm standard) with a little extra depth to allow a little more scenic effect to be added and facilitate a more irregular look. The Ottomans were excellent marksmen and focussed on the individuals fighting prowess. When they assaulted they often formed a fighting wedge and rushed the enemy. I have tried to reflect this on the base with a small group of formed infantry, a heavy skirmishing firing line and a wedge of close combat troops.

I eventually completed the Janissary range with an additional number of poses which went one step further with me working from a cut back torso and did my first sculpted from scratch weaponary. My thanks to Peter for his help and direction, his years of invaluable experience helped alot at this stage.

My proof moulds took a hammering getting figures ready for the Boondock Saints 2011 demo game, and everyone went into Janissary painting overdrive to provide the core Ottoman forces for Vienna 1683. Desperate to be the first to paint a base of them this is what I put together. A center containing various pole, sword and axe weaponary with the flanks occupied by musket and bow armed troops, with a screen of skirmishers to the fore. The central close combat troops were a little more dense tending to form into a wedge like before.

When the Janissaries went into production at Baccu I also got to paint up the Stand models….

OTT1 – Janissaries, musket – formed

OTT2 – Janissaries, musket – firing and loading

OTT3 – Janissaries, Polearms

OTT4 – Janissaries, Swords

Next up the Levant that took part in Petwerdian 1716….


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