Derby / Donnington 2 weeks on…

Well couple of weeks passes since my last post – back in the thick of things at work and evenings (and nights) spent consoling teething twins. Able to get an hour here and there in to get a few loose ends finished though.

Santas little helpers are finally flocked up.

At Derby Donnington Show I also picked up a few of the ‘New Era’ Donnington miniatures (WoR and some Dark Ages) and a few flag sheets. Tried these out on a  base of Peter Pig 15mm WoR I had already painted. Nice flags but a little smaller than anticipating.  A beginners error you may think, but in 28mm a friend of mine produces full size 28mm flags (but more of that when I do a battle report using them). I’ll make the flagpoles a little shorter next time, and may see how they look on some 10mm models!


Last year my friends and I put on the Battle of Trebia at this show, but this year I joined back up with the Boondock Saints (Keith, Ian, et al. who put on a demonstration game of Petwerdian 1716. Using Imperial troops from Baccus and Ottomans being a mixture of Baccus (largely the cavalry – converted) and my casts. They used Sam Mustafa’s Maurice rules with some home made Notables.

For an additional facet I put an on a scaled down painting demo I could dip into on an as and when basis. The aim of this was to show off some of the techniques in painting 6mm, and challenge some of the fear over painting smaller scale models. Did not get a whole lot done in the first couple of hours of the show due to a rather too rapidly consumed couple of glasses of fine red. All was not lost as I got to have a little wander around whist the effect wore off a little.

First up I put the finishing touches to a couple of bases of Persians I had painted for the boys at Rapier.

I then moved onto an Ottoman Gun emplacement I had been meaning to do for many a month. I finished painting this off on the Sunday morning, but have only just added the flock to the base.

On the Sunday afternoon a double unit of janissaries was half painted, along with dipping into some Normans, some Romans and some ACW for people interested in other eras.

Overall I must say I miss the University location and the atmoshpere. Plenty of room at the new location but with the noise level was for me the biggest negative for the new location. I think there was a general greater noise level being in a shed (with little in the way of soft furnishings) and with the added racing track noise with the occasional directly overhead plane taking off.  My head was thrumming through til the following tuesday and I had not even over-indulged in the wine sampling. It did make talking to people a little harder.


Ottoman Sculpts Update

I have managed to arrange some higher melt lead to be collected from Peter, and now have cast some raw masters of the artillery crew and Levant. Hope to get these cleaned up and a couple of extra sculpts done to complete the Levant, and then I can send this part of the range off to begin the process towards production moulding. Might be available in time for Christmas?!

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2 comments on “Derby / Donnington 2 weeks on…

  1. Ian Baker says:

    “I had not even over-indulged in the wine sampling”

    Really sir, REALLY?! I think someone is fibbing and this may well have been a contributing factor! 😉

  2. Rapier Miniatures says:

    Aha, found you now, no more hiding on this interweb thing….

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